cherry wine project

Hello you have reached the CHERRY WINERY!!!

This is a new groovy project we are working on. Here you can taste the newest creations with the wildest flavors, the sky is the limit. Some of the ingredients are very funky, but you can find other elements as well like darbuka, sopran sax, oud, tecno. We stick to the old fashioned recipes but fuse them up with a lot of sweet cherry wine...

Come back to check for new tracks, this project is being updated weekly. The forces behind the project are Hadas Trainin and Sonja Jacob and a lot of talented friends that stop by at the studio and throw in some of their spices…

Hadas Trainin: ebass, electric doublebass, ukulele, acoustic guitar.

Sonja Jacob: vocals, tenor-alt-sopran saxophone, flute


listen to the music